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Find out the latest Scrap Copper Prices UK June 2012

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Scrap Copper Prices UK

Monday, 9 May 2011

Scrap Copper Prices UK  
[Updated - June 2012, Scroll down for current prices]

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Copper can be recycled at many outlets throughout the UK. As a Worldwide traded commodity, copper is a valued asset to almost every industry and is therefore environmentally viable to recycle. Recycling scrap copper benefits our industries as well as you (cash in hand).

To find out where your local scrap copper recyclers are based, the following website provides a comprehensive search facility: BMRA - British Metals Recycling Association

The spot price of copper can be tracked via our Copper Price widget which appears on every page of our website. Scrap copper prices paid to you will vary but a rough guide can be found below for the current scrap copper prices UK:

Scrap copper price [UK £] per tonne    June 2012
All scrap copper prices are updated regularly and calculated using the spot price average for that month. 
- Clean Copper                              £3920
- Heavy scrap copper                    £3485
- Scrap copper cable                     £1090

*Scrap copper prices are based on a spot price of $3.8 per lb. Prices are converted to £Pounds from $US Dollars via a 0.6 exchange rate. Typical scrap prices; clean copper 90% of spot, heavy scrap copper 80% of spot and scrap copper cable 25% of spot. 2200 lbs per ton.

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